Woman delivers baby in the backseat of a ride-hailing car with driver's coaching [VIEWER DISCRETION]


If you are driving a pregnant woman in labor to the hospital, you definitely need a coaching lesson in case of an emergency. Read how this driver handled it!

Some Nigerian Uber and Taxify drivers are known to offer light refreshments like water and snacks to their passengers during a ride but not a coaching lesson to help a pregnant woman on the verge of delivery. Well, it appears all ride-sharing cab drivers do need to take up this lesson in case of an emergency like what Naijacarnews is about to share on this post.

All the way from New York City, a man who hailed a ride to take his pregnant wife who was in labour to the hospital couldn't believe his eyes when his wife delivered their baby on the backseat of the cab... with the help of the ride-sharing driver who was coaching the woman while he was driving them to the hospital.


The woman lying in the backseat while her partner holds the baby...the driver was busy coaching the woman

Our ride-hailing coaching driver's name is Luis J.Leonardo

We know you wouldn't want to miss out on how the baby delivery happened, so here's it.

“Yeah, but you have to breathe,” he said.

“Pull it out, boss! Do the magic, do the magic, spread your legs,” he told the woman, whose partner was also along for the ride. "Spread your legs Mami, spread your legs!"

After the woman had been delivered of a baby girl, Luis again, told the couple to get a blanket to clean up the newborn. He even added, “God bless the baby" as he was talking to the shocked parents.

Leonardo then said,

Damn, you gave birth in the car

The cab driver had to ask for extra money to clean up his car.

Man I’m broke, I didn’t think this s--- was going to happen

That's it!

Do you also agree that Nigerian Uber drivers should take up a coaching lesson on child delivery?

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Jane Osuagwu
  • 4 real: Good job,ride-hailing driver.
    Nigerian Uber drivers do need this coaching lesson because they don't know if their next rider will turn out to be a woman in labour

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