Wrong awoof! Couple squandered ₦43.3m wrongly sent into their account on cars


It is normal to feel the urge to spend wrongly deposited money into one's account but it is honorable to report such errors to appropriate authorities.

No doubt you would feel tempted, waking up to see a huge sum of money deposited into your bank account by mistake. However, nothing is more honourable than reporting such an error to the right quarters. Well, looks like this couple from Pennsylvania had a different plan in mind for the ₦43.2m ($120,000) wrongfully sent into their account.

36 year-old Robert and 34 year-old Tiffany decided to take matters into their hands and play smart by refusing to report the deposit to the bank in question. In a few days, the entire amount was withdrawn by them and splashed on vehicles such as a race car, SUVs, two 4-wheelers and a camper.


The alleged fast fingers couple - Robert and Tiffany Williams

Seems fate and obviously law did catch up with them as they are currently charged with felony, receiving stolen property and theft. When they were caught, they had already spent ₦36m ($100,000) on a race car, two 4-wheler, car-trailer, a camper and a down-payment had been made for the 2015 Chevrolet Traverse. According to a report from the Pennsylvania state Police officer, the couple dashed out a sum of $15,000 to friends in need and settled some bills as well.


Nemesis! One of the cars they used the accidental deposit of ₦43.2m to acquire

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The officer said:

“During the investigation, the Williams admitted they were aware that the money deposited in their account did not belong to them and that they had made numerous purchases with that money.”

Between the period of June 3 and June 19, the couple allegedly spent a sum of ₦43.2 million and has been charged to court. Each of them was granted a bail of $25,000.

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Oluwaseun Adeniji