7 harms that bad fuel will do to your car


Many people buy bad fuel in unqualified gas stations to save money but actually, it does more harm than good.

If your combustion chamber is not supplied with qualified fuel vapor, problems will come to your car sooner or later.

In vehicles with combustion engines, power for operation is created through these complicated combustion processes. Hence, any problem happens in these processes will cause the wrong combustion, interrupted ignition and more. As a result, cars will give a problematic performance or more seriously, the vehicle can be totally damaged.

a gas pump

Low-quality fuel does more harm than good

Hardly does bad fuel combust properly and here are some negative impacts of it on cars that Naijacarnews.com introduces to you:

Engine power is reduced:

The use of poor quality fuel will diminish the performance of both the engine and the power because it burns and combusts defectively, compared to standard ones. For the long-term benefit, it is advisable to provide your car with good fuel.

Starting the engine meets difficulties:

Bad fuel also leads in a difficult starting up. As the ignition process depends on the constant flow of fuel in the cylinder, clean and qualified fuel can ensure this process take place successfully. In contrast, this process can be interrupted when crummy fuel with low octane or high in water is used, leading to an improper starting of cars.

Angular front of a green car

Bad fuel also leads in a difficult starting up

Engine hesitates:

Sometimes the engine hesitates when you press down the accelerator, it’s time for you to question the quality of the fuel you use for your car. Basically, the car will hardly respond if problems come somewhere. And the use of fuel with insufficient octane could be the cause because it reduces the combustion efficiency of a car.

Knocking sounds appear inside the engine:

The engine pinging or knocking is another main result of poor quality fuel, which happens when the combustion process is incomplete. Concretely, the burning of fuel and air mixture in the engine cylinders is not enough, so knocking sounds appear, especially in accelerating process.

Video: Spark knock or engine ping

The check engine light illuminates on your dash:

The check engine light illuminates for plenteous reasons but the poor quality of fuel in the fuel tank might also be the culprit. Don't neglect it!

a check engine light on dashboard

Illumination of the check engine light is a symptom of the bad fuel

Reduced fuel economy

Higher emission

The use of bad fuel can account for higher emission of your car.

a car produces high emission

Cars produce higher emission due to poor quality fuel

No one hopes to meet all these wahalas. Let be a wise consumer by choosing the correct octane for your car, buying fuel from a standard gas station, and saying “no” to the fuel from the black market.

Some gas stations swindle their customers by diluting premium fuel with the lower octane one in their underground tank. So be careful with their scam, too.

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