9 tips for saving fuel


The efficiency of fuel is a normal phenomenon all drivers deal with. Naijauto.com will assist you with this simple 9 tips for saving fuel. SO sit back and read on!

All drivers deal with this all over the world most especially when there is an increase the price of gases. So to help you tackle this issue, auto experts from NaijaCarNews will assist you with this simple 9 tips for saving fuel tips you have no idea about so just sit tight.

Fuel saving tricks you should know

We want to give you 9 useful fuel efficiency tips you need because as you can see, vehicles are fast becoming a very easy way of transportation.

How to save money on fuel? 5 better driving tips!

1. Driving at a normal speed

The consumption of fuel is always different when you are driving above 100km/h and below that on a highway. Your fuel burns fast when you brake suddenly or when you accelerate suddenly. So when you are patient as a driver, you are always less likely to spend much about of fuel on your vehicle. Instead of the abrupt braking or the occasional acceleration, it is advisable to always maintain a specific amount of speed if you want to save fuel in your vehicle.


Maintain speed while driving to save fuel consumption

2. Do not carry too much

You can always compare your car with your body. If you do not eat well, you won’t be able to carry much load. Your vehicle is just like this because your vehicle requires more fuel to carry to carry lots of weight. When your car carries let’s say 50kg of load, your car will consume like 2% more fuel than the normal rate. So if you are a driver, avoid carrying lots of load because you are much likely to spend more money on fuel.


Never carry too much weight with your car

3. Inspect tire pressures

As a driver, you should check your car tires once every month. When the pressure is lower, it needs more gas to move on the road. When your vehicle is in a good condition and the tire is in a good condition so that the engine will run smoothly.

4. Keep the air filter clean

In order for you to manage the fuel efficiency of your car, your air filter needs to be kept clean at regular intervals because a filter that is broken or bad will likely consume 10% more fuel.

If you inspect your air filter and you notice it is congested, it is advisable for it to be changed and purified because more energy is saved this way.


Your air filter needs to be kept clean at regular intervals

5. Make use of cruise control

This is a tech designed for the safety and maximization of fuel and controls speed automatically. For instance, when you are moving your vehicle at a speed of 100km/h, the cruise control will calculate and adjust the parts of the vehicle so as to balance the efficiency of fuel.

When you make use of this function in your car, your vehicle will be moving at the normal distance with radars in the front and the back.


  Cruise control helps with the safety and maximization of fuel and controls speed automatically

6. Shut engine down when not in use

When you are not using your vehicle for a long time, it is advisable to shut the engine down so unnecessary fuel won’t be burnt.

7. Trip scheduling

Calculate the distance you are going when travelling so as not to get lost while travelling because when you get lost you tend to waste fuel. And if you are going pick up lots of people from different places, you can schedule the trips.

8. Turning off AC

If the weather is not too hot and cool, then you can turn the AC of the car off. The AC consumes over 10% of energy consumption, so it is preferable to switch of the AC.

9. Fuel and pumping of fuel

Make sure to always look out for the kind of fuel you use in your vehicle because it can save the engine of the car and also efficiency of fuel.

The right time to always pump fuel in your car is late in the afternoon or early in the morning.

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Always look out for the kind of fuel you use in your car


So with these 9 tips for saving fuel, Naija Car News team hopes you will save fuel in lots of ways and don't forget to check out more practical tips on fuel saving shared by our auto experts.