9 useful tips for saving energy


Everyone prefer saving than wasting the energy when on wheels, check out those 9 tips.

As cars become the more popular vehicle in most countries all over the world and the cost of petrol also increases quickly, the tips of fuel saving are necessary than ever. In this article, we want to introduce to you 9 practical rules for drivers who don’t want to waste energy.

1. Fuel filling time

It’s quite necessary for every driver to keep an eye on types and levels of fuel. The best time for fulfilling fuel is early morning or late afternoon when your car’s energy level is lower than normal. However, you also should not charge too full, which can cause gas drain.

Also bear in mind the rule of thumb when it comes to filling your tank is that pumping the fuel in the early morning or late afternoon helps your reduce the cost as the fuel is thicker during these times of the day.


Have an excellent timetable to fill energy for your car

2. Remember to use the smart cruise control system

It may be the popular knowledge which almost drivers should know. It is designed to help drivers have the safest itinerary and promote energy efficiency. For instance, if you drive 120km/h on highways, the system will acclimatize to maintain the reasonable speed and even calculate to the suitable distance from your car to the in front and behind conveyance.

3. Test wheel pressures

As many car experts, it is quite necessary for drivers to check their tires at least once every month. If your wheel is under the low pressure, your car will need more gas to make the move on highways. In conclusion, the best condition of tires is one of the most important factors to help drivers save energy and keep their cars running efficiently.  

4. Carry enough weight

Your car is also like your body. It will consume more energy if you force it to carry a great weight of luggage. As experts, with each 50 kg of belongings, your car could utilize more 2% of energy than usual. Therefore, you can take consider the unimportant things, then leave them to prevent wasting energy.


Carrying enough luggage is a helpful tip 

5. Shut down the AC when it’s unneeded

If the weather is fine, drivers should turn the air conditioner off. This behavior can help their cars save up to 10% of the energy. In contrast, if you run your car at 80 km/h, it is better when you use air conditioners than opening windows.

6. Make a clear plan for your trip

Before starting your trip, you should draw up a campaign with the road, time, and luggage to prevent from getting lost and wasting energy. It is quite necessary than ever if you have to stop at a lot of places and pick up many belongings.

7. Turn off machine when you don’t use it

When your car stops for a long time, you should turn off the machine in order to reduce gas consumption as well as environmental effects.


You can economize energy if you shut down the machine as it is unneedful

8. Clean air filter usually

One of the most noticeable points to save energy is checking air filter frequently because it can be the reason for wasting 10% more energy. Drivers can check it after washing cars. If the air filter is congested usually or the sunlight can run through it, they should buy a new one.


Often check your air filter to make sure that it can run effectively

9. Keep driving at the average speed

In highways, the level of fuel consumption will depend on your tempo kept above or under 100km/h. If you speed up suddenly or decelerate instantaneously, you can waste 40% more of your fuel. Therefore, people who can keep calm during their driving, petrol payment is always lower than the others. So, drivers should be conscious of the front vehicles to prevent from constant braking and get faster in an instant.


Driving cars at suitable speed can save energy

In conclusion, each tiny behavior of drivers can become the useful factor to save car’s energy. Therefore, let’s remember all the tips and apply them in time behind the wheel.

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