Easy ways to make quick money selling Nigeria used cars


Businesses like car selling are not uncommon in Nigeria. You do not need a lot of money to buy and sell Nigeria used cars. See how you can do it here!

The fight for survival in the country is real and is not for the faint-hearted. Starting up a business and turning it into a source of livelihood is not easy and there are hardly no shortcuts to it. You just have to work hard, be patient and look out for the best.

Businesses like car selling are not uncommon in Nigeria. You might be surprised to learn that you do not necessarily need an enormous amount of money to start up a car business. You don’t need so much mechanical knowledge or expertise either, though this would give you an edge in this particular business world. One can create at- home business of buying and selling cars and succeed at it.

In as much it seems there is a boom in the automobile industry in the country considering that many people are buying cars, the business is not a walk in the park either. In fact, selling just one can be stressful and can end up frustrating one if care is not taken. Your success story in this business depends much on your business approach and how you handle the whole process.

This article here by Naijacarnews is a simple guide to enlighten you on not just how to sell off your car with ease but also how to make profit out of the business.

Purchase at a low price and sell at a higher price

If you indeed want to make profit out of sales, then selling price should be at least higher than your cost price to some extent. In that case then, it is necessary that one buy cars as cheaply as possible.

When is car likely to be cheap and when is the best period to buy them? Remember that car is like an investment. It is also subject to the law of demand. Cars in Nigeria are at higher demand around September – December, when people are aiming to buy it in preparation for the festive Christmas period. But, demands fall between January and March when people are still recovering from the money they spent during the festive period. Now, this is the best period to buy off a car.


It's a huge cash rush if you can get a good deal on low purchase and sell fairly high

Do a thorough inspection before you buy

If you end up buying a car that is not in good working condition, you might have a hard time while trying to sell it off. Make use of your brain, always inspect every fault and weigh what it would possibly cost you to get a repair for such fault. If possible, carry your mechanic along to run thorough researches on the car before you purchase.

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Get things fixed yourself

We said from the beginning of the article that mechanical knowledge would surely give you an edge in this business. the ability to take up your tools, get under the bonnet or under the hood and get things fixed yourself is probably one of the biggest ways of making profit in the business of buying and selling used cars in Nigeria. If you do the repair or maintenance job well, you don’t only get paid with substantial amount of money but be rest assured that the client will call on you again or refer someone else to you.

Put the online media into good use

The online media has made it easier for car dealers. Finding a platform online where you can buy cars are much easier these days. It saves you the time of going from where dealer to another. The legit sites verify the sellers first so you have nothing to fear. Some car buying & selling sites in Nigeria are Jiji, Naijauto or Cheki. You might as well make use of the auction sites as cars are likely to be cheaper there.


Advertise! Get people to see your cars and spread the word

In all, learn to listen to your instincts and trust it. If your mind doesn’t feel right about a particular seller or a particular car, then don’t buy it.

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