Tips on how to sell your used car in Nigeria


There are quite a number of steps to take to ensure a smooth transition of your car to the prospective new owner. These tips on how to sell your used car hopefully to help your selling experience less frustrating.

As much as everyone wants to own a brand new car, most settle for a used car in order to save cost. A used car doesn't necessarily mean the interior of the car is worn out or the engine is in bad shape. In fact, people buy used cars that the owner has just driven for a few weeks and wants to auction. Many Nigerians call this "second new".

However, if you bought a brand new car or tokunbo and wish to sell, you will definitely get buyers regardless of what city you're in. But the process isn't a one hour task, as there are quite a number of steps to take to ensure a smooth transition of the vehicle from your possession to that of the prospective new owner. If you have decided to sell your used car, here are some essential tips to guide you on how to sell your used car, collected by Naijacarnews!


You can sell your used car in the twinkle of an eye when you follow these guide diligently​

1. Get your used car ready​

Getting your used car ready isn't just about letting people know you intend to sell. You need to keep the car clean first of all. Take the car to a car wash (or do it yourself) and have it properly cleaned inside out. From the tyres to the windshield and the car seats, ensure there are no signs of dust or stains. If possible, get the car waxed to give it a shiny look.

Though it won't look brand new but presentable at least. In case you're wondering what waxing is all about, it involves polishing your car - especially the exterior and the dashboard. There are products you can search for online, that help make a vehicle glossy. Once done, you can take photos to see how good (or not) your used car looks.

The next part of getting your car ready is preparing all necessary documents. Every car is expected to have vehicle insurance, vehicle identification number (VIN), car manual, road worthiness certificate and proof of ownership certificate. Once sure, you can arrange them properly in an envelope and get a lawyer on standby for when you need to draft a change of ownership agreement.

2. Take nice photos of the vehicle

When your car is ready, take great photos of your used car. Ensure you get pictures from different angles - the rear, the front, the top, the interior, the cockpit, the engine and so on. Also ensure the car is in a good area with lovely background. Regardless of the fact that it's a used car, you need to make it appealing for when you start advertising on sites like Naijauto and on social media.


Get your car ready with a polished look and adequete documents

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3. Research on the vehicle model and version

Make sure you have significant knowledge of what brand, model and version your car is. This way, a buyer would easily believe you when you speak of features, prices and so on. You won't want to find out your car is actually a Toyota Highlander 2010 after you have told buyers it's a Toyota RAV4 2012. They won't bother continuing business with you. Also find out how much other people sell the same exact used car so you can fix your own price.


Selling your car as an auto expert gains trust of the customer

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4. Start advertising

Advertising can be on popular car sites in Nigeria like Cheki, Naijauto, Jiji or on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Since you have researched about the car, include at least 5 sentences about the car. These includes features, mileage, price and your location. Add at least 4 pictures of different angles of the vehicle. This enables a prospect have better view of what they are about to purchase. Include your contact information and any necessary information you feel will aid in quick sale of your used car. You can also use a third party agent if you feel you aren't a good negotiator.

5. Be professional towards prospective buyers

Once your contact details are available, you're likely going to start getting calls immediately - even from dealerships. Try as much as possible to be professional. Some may be rude if you don't intend to drop the price of your used car, others might even promise to come and don't. But whatever the case, treat every prospect with respect. When you have a list of up to 3 genuine buyers, then fix different dates for them to come check the car.


You not only sell a car, you sell your reputation as well; be professional

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6. Ask buyers to pay into your bank account

When you get a buyer and you have agreed on a price, ask them to pay into your bank account. It's usually not advisable to take cash in businesses like this for security reasons. After paying, you can have your lawyer draft a change of ownership agreement. Once signed, then you can hand over the car keys of your car to the new owner.

Once you diligently follow these tips on how to sell your used car, finding your car a new home is just like the twinkle of an eye - with little or no hassle.

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Kennedy Ilediagu